Alberta Homestead Index
EB Lapointe

On September 1, 2005, Alberta celebrated it's 100 anniversary, and as its birthday present to the province, the Alberta Genealogical Society <> has presented a ditized index of the Homestead Records from 1870 to 1930.

The homestead records came into effect when individuals could apply for a quarter section (160 acres) of their choice. Then, after paying a $10.00 filing fee and 'proving up'* their homestead claim, the homesteader could apply for the parent (title) to the land.

Homestead files normally contained an application for the homestead, including the applicant's name, age, birthplace, last residence, prior occupation, number of adults and children in the household, and a notice that a title had been issued.

Homestead files may also contain many other documents, such as inspector's reports, records of abandonment, handwritten letters, wills, naturalization certificates, court proceedings, and seed grain liens.

In 1956, all the records were microfilmed on 686 reels and transferred from the national archives in Ottawa to Alberta. The originals were destroyed.

*Proving up the claim included building a house and barn, fencing, and breaking and cropping a portion of the land.

27 January, 2007

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