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Bonus Feature - Website Pick of the Month!

Obituary - Johannes (John) Helmut Merz

    News has come to GenealogyCanada that Johannes (John) Helmut Merz died after suffering a stroke on November 10, 2005. He had been in recovery in a rehabilitation centre in Hamilton.
    He passed away on March 24, 2006, and his funeral was held Wednesday, March 29th.
    John published a number of books including:
  • The Hessians of Quebec
  • The Hessians of Nova Scotia
  • The Hessians of Upper Canada
  • The Guide to Help Find your Hessian Soldier of the American Revolution
    My husband and I had a number of conversations with John, and his love of the subject came through very clear in that he was devoted to Hessian (German) research through the American Revolution. If you are studying Germans who accompanied Loyalists as they came to Canada from the United States, then his books are the ones to read.
    Our sympathies go out to John's family, as well as to his many friends, supporters in the Loyalist community, and strangers who were touched by his warmth, charm, and insight.
    John, you will be missed.

"Genealogy News"

Tuesday, May 16, 2006 is Census Day!
    "Count yourself in on Census Day" urges the Librarian and Archivist of Canada, Ian E. Wilson.
    Canadians can choose whether to count themselves in this census, but they should in order to be a part of the historical record when the census is passed from Statistics Canada to the Library and Archives Canada in 2090, and which will be open to the public. Say "yes" to the question that asks "Does this person agree to make his/her 2006 Census Information available for public release in 2098 (92 years after the census).

    If you want to read more about Wilson's word on the census, please go to <http://www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/013-256-e.html>.
    If you wish to read an additional news story, go to <http://www.genealogytoday.com/roots/xweb.mv?xc=Display&xo=rescms&xn=-1&xr=950&xw=&xz=news.html>.
    If you wish to read it from Statistics Canada's website, please go to <

Diana Lynn Tibert's New Canadian Genealogy Column

    There is a news story of a new genealogy column by Diana Lynn Tibert in The Daily News, Halifax at GenealogyToday at <http://www.genealogytoday.com/roots/xweb.mv?xc=Display&xo=rescms&xn=-1&xr=944>.

"Images of Black History"
     This article talks about Alvin D. McCurdy from Amherstburg, Ontario. It is at found at GenealogyToday at <http://www.genealogytoday.com/roots/xweb.mv?xc=Display&xo=rescms&xn=-1&xr=943>.

Brian W. Hutchison Genealogical Scholarship
    The scholarship is being offered again next year towards the cost of tuition and books to study genealogy and family history in a recognized educational or accreditation program.
    The scholarship is available through the Alberta Family Histories Society.
    The deadline for application is 31 December, 2006, and the scholarship will be awarded May, 2007.
    For more information, please go to <http://www.afhs.ab.ca/scholarship>

Nova Scotia Genealogy Research
    If you are doing research in Nova Scotia, then be sure to visit the Halifax Public Library at <http://www.halifaxpubliclibraries.ca/roots/feat_res.html> and see the genealogy newsletters and local history journals they have listed on their "Featured Resources" section on the Roots to the Past website.
    Joanne McCarthy, Reference Librarian at the library, encourages all to research newsletter because they "contain smaller indexes of primary records, combing queries of surnames of interest, or learning how to use a new resource, such a school records."

"Heritage News"

"Written in Stone" to be at Market Gallery
    Susan L. Brown, a Toronto artist, will present her work, a study of Jewish cemetery monuments and their decorative motifs in photographs, paintings, and sculptures called "Written in Stone."
    It will be on display at the Market Galley from April 1st to May 14th, and admission is free.
    The Market Gallery is located on the second floor of the South St. Lawrence Market, 95 Front St. E. Gallery. Hours are Wednesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Sunday, noon to 4 p.m..

MacKenzie House, Toronto Celebrates Lithuanian Culture
    On April 22 and 23, from noon to 4:30 p.m., the Lithuanian Girl Scouts will prepare varskecia, a cottage cheese dumpling that is served with a variety of toppings. There will also Easter eggs, traditional Lithuanian weaving and jewellery, pictures and carvings.
    The museum is located at 82 Bond Street. Admission is Adults $4.00, Seniors and Youth $2.75, and Children $2.50.
    For further information, e-mail <machouse@toronto.ca> or call 416-392-6915.

April 6 is Tartan Day in Canada
    Tartan Day in Canada was passed by the Ontario legislature on 19 December, 1991 as a private member's bill brought before the legislature by M.P.P. William Murray. Other provinces passed tjis bill also, and by 2000, all except Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador had accepted April 6th as Tartan Day.
    Some the places celebrating the day are -
    Brampton, Ontario - April 6th will be declared at City Hall on Wellington Street, and the Scottish flag will fly.
    There will be a dance on April 8th at the Century Gardens Recreation Centre. The doors open at 7:30 p.m. and the dance starts at 8 p.m.. Admission is $5.00 for members of the Brampton Scottish Club and $7.50 for non-members. Fair Enuff are the entertainers.
    Contact <rosemarymorris@rogers.com>.
    Smith Falls, Ontario - Westminster Church was the first church in the town, and Tartan Day will be held there at April 9th, which which will feature the Seaway Celtic Band, who will be joined by Highland Dancers and Bagpipes.
    Contact <saltycelt@celtiradio.us> for further information.
    Toronto, Ontario - Casa Loma will hold Tartan Day celebrations this year. Casa Loma is located at 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto. Phone number is 416-699-9942. To access more information, please contact them at <admin@scottishstudies.com>, or go online at <http://www.scottishstudies.com/950tartanday06.htm>.

Sissiboo Landing, Nova Scotia A New Project

    On the province's western shore, Weymouth has announced plans for Sissiboo Landing, which will be a cultural, interpretative and multi-use centre.
    The centre's building, a renovated former school built in the 1940s, will house a meeting space, a visitor informative centre, and a genealogical facility.
    The region's four cultures - Mi'Kmag, Black, Acadian, and Loyalist background - will be featured at Sissaboo Landing.

"History News"

Library and Archives Canada - Renovations
    From now until August, 2006, the Library and Archives Canada are reorganizing the public research areas on the second and third floors of the building at 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.
    The reorganization will:

    There may be some disruption in different service areas, but posters in the lobby will show the changes in the areas affected.
    Please note that during June, all reference rooms (including reference rooms) will be closed to the public for several days.
    If you plan to visit anytime, we recommend that you call (613) 995-5115 or 1-800-578-7777, a toll free number good in Canada and the United States.

The Shamrock and the Maple Leaf
        The collaboration between the Library and Archives Canada and the National Library of Ireland is presented in a new online exhibit called "The Shamrock and the Maple Leaf."
    This is a documentary heritage of the Irish-Canadian and there are letters, books, music, photographs, and pieces written by Elizabeth Grove-White, William J. Smyth, Peter M. Toner, Cecil Houston, K.J. James, David A. Wilson, and Michele Holgren.
    The topics covered by this exhibit are Migration, Integration, Rural Communities, Urban Communities, Law and Order, Literature, and Galleries.
    Please visit <http://www.collectionscanada.ca/ireland>.

Website Pick of the Month!

The Canadian Foundation of Polish-Jewish Heritage
    April 25 is Holocaust Day in the world, and the Montreal chapter of Polish-Jewish heritage is an excellent way to start your understanding of Jewish life in Poland.
    The website <
http://www.polish-jewish-heritage.org/eng/about_us.htm> is divided into Introduction, Interviews, Books, Archives. Each of theses sections are available in French and Polish.
    There is also a site in Toronto at <http://www.pjhftoronto.ca>. Both websites were founded in 1988.

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