August, 2006 News

(This news feature is divided into topics of Genealogy, Heritage, and History)

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Special Holidays for August, 2006

    August 7
  • Heritage Day (Alberta)
  • British Columbia Day (British Columbia)
  • New Brunswick Day (New Brunswick)
  • Natal Day (Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island)
  • Civic Holiday (Ontario, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Manitoba, and Newfoundland & Labrador)
15 August
21 August

"Genealogy News"

Ontario Genealogical Society Seminar 2007 - Ottawa
    No sooner had the Ontario Genealogical Society's Durham Branch finished hosting the 2006 seminar, the Ottawa Branch already had plans in place for Seminar 2007, to be held June 1 to 3 at Algonquin College, 1385 Woodroofe Avenue, Ottawa.
    Next year, the theme of the seminar will be "Ottawa, the Nation's Capital for 150 Years: The Peopling of Canada", to mark 150 years since Queen Victoria named Ottawa as the country's capital.
    Ottawa has among the best research facilities in the country, including the Library and Archives Canada (which contains the Canadian Genealogy Center), the new Canadian War Museum, and the Canadian Museum of Civilization, just to name a few.
    Go to their site <> to see all the news about Seminar 2007.
    Please consider going to Seminar 2007, as you will meet great people, visit great places, and enjoy the hospitaility of Canada's capital, Ottawa.

Roots 2007
    In June 2007, the Quebec Family History Society will host their 30th anniversary at an international conference called Roots 2007.
    The conference will be held at McGill Unversity in Montreal. All lectures will be in English, and are open to the public.
    Further details of the conference will be posted online at <>.

"Heritage News"

Supports Canadian Atlas Online

Since my May, 2006 column 
entitled "100th Anniversary of the Atlas of Canada", published by at <>, it was announced July 5th, 2006 that the Honourable Bev Oda, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Status of Women, will—through her department—support the Royal Canadian Geographical Society by helping them implement Phase II of the Canadian Atlas Online.
    "Through its interactive atlas on the cutting edge of technology, the Royal Canadian Geographical Society allows us to explore the country from a new angle," said Minister Oda.
    The funds provided by the Heritage Department will help upgrade the content of the Canadian Atlas Online through the addition of slide shows, video presentations, learning activities, games, and interactive questionnaires.

Ontario's Own Tartan
    Ontario finally has it's own colours, and they are the colours of the official tartan based on that of Sir John Sandfield Macdonald, Ontario's first premier.
    The Province of Ontario Tartan has four colours - three shades of green representing the province's forest and fields; two shades of blue for its water; red for the Aboriginal people; and white for the sky.
    The tartan was proposed by Bill Murdock, the Tory MPP from Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound. It received Royal Assent on the final day that the legislature sat, on 22 June, 2006.
    "It's important to have symbols to be Ontarian," said Murdock. "It's a non-partisan and non-conflicting thing. It's a fun thing."
    It joins the white trillium, Eastern white pine, and the common loon as Ontario's symbols.

Ottawa House Gets $150,000 for Restoration
    Ottawa House, located on Partridge Island, near Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, just received $150,000 so that it can be brought up to date for hosting various activities and using a genealogy room year-round. The foundation is deteriorating, and most of the rooms need plaster repairs and painting.
    The home was built c.1770 as a 3 storey house overlooking the Minas Basin. It was the summer house of Sir Charles Tupper, one of the Fathers of Confederation, in the late 1860s. He also was the person who named it Ottawa House by the Sea.
    Local historian, Conrad Byers, has said that he believes that this is the time to restore the house, and he wants it to reflect the building as it looked during Tupper's ownership.
    The website is <>.

"History News"

Canadian Museum of Civilization - 150 Years Old - (News Story)
    The museum is older than Canada - be a part of its 150th anniversary this year.

First World War Begins
    This year marks the 91st year of the start of the war on August 4th.
    The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has a very good website <>, giving First World War facts.

Peacekeepers Day Service
    A service will he held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island on August 9th to honour the 50th year in which Canada has  contributed to the United Nations Peacekeeping.
    A colour guard, a drum and pipe band, and a veterans parade will mark the anniversary of the first United Nations Emergency Force in Suez. A wreath will be laid to honour the fallen.
    The service will be held at the Service Fountain, Boulder Park, 168 Grafton Street, Charlottetown.
    The webpage for the Canadian Peacekeeps Veterans Association is <>.

The Warriors' Day Parade in Toronto
    The Warriors' Day Parade is August 19th and this year it celebrates 1946 - Canada's Homecoming and the 85th year of the parade.
    The parade was established in 1921 and takes place in August of each year at the Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario.
    As the website says "The Warrior's Day parade is an important Canadian tradition and a very significant event for our veteran's, their families and the general public."
    Visit <>.

Calgary Military Museum to be Second-Largest in Canada
    Calgary builders are ready to break ground on Canada's second largest military museum outside of Ottawa.
    The building will bring together two museums now in Calgary - the Naval Museum of Alberta, and the Museum of the Regiments - and will add an area which will be dedicated to the air force.
    The 107,000 square foot facility will include a digital discovery room for the whole family, a new art gallery, and a library with more than 20,000 titles.
    Program and Development Director, Brian Blake, said the new museum will be the centre of excellence for military history training in Western Canada.
    The $16-million expansion will begin this summer, and is expected to be completed by 2007.
    The website for the Naval Museum of Alberta is <>.
    The website for the Museum of the Regiments is <>.

Website Pick of the Month!

Cape Bretoners in World War II
    Cape Bretoners in World War III has been put online <> by Wayne Macvicar.
    In an interview, Macvicar says "I had several uncles in service and I am very interested in the history of World War II, especially at it pertains to relatives and neighbours. I have also been involved with genealogy for the last 26 years."
    He says that it was because of this reason that he started collecting information, and, having enough to fill over 2,000 pages, he decided that a website would reach more people. Mcvicar says the website has been online for 5 months, and says he has been quite surprised by the response to the website.
    He has more people to add and more details. He says that "By creating a website, I could reach more people, present the data in a better format, and hopefully fulfill my goal of an adequate remembrance for all who served."
    Over 15,000 Cape Bretoners served in the armed forces, and an additional unknown number on Canada's Merchant Marine Navy.
    There is a nominal list on the site that you can search for names.
    Wayne can be reached at <>.

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