Canadian Museum of Civilization - 150 Years Old
EB Lapointe

The Canadian Museum of Civilization <> celebrates it's 150th anniversary this year. There is an exhibition which follows it's development, and features archival photographs, ancients artifacts, and historic information that establishes Canada's most popular museum.

"The Museum of Civilization tells the story of human history and identity in Canada. This new exhibition shows how the museum has grown and matured over a century, helping to define us as citizens of Canada and the world," said Dr. Victor Rabinovich, President and CEO of the museum corporation.

In addition, the museum is making this milestone with a new book on the museum's 150th anniversary, a commemorative stamp from Canada Post, lecture series, and dramatic performances.

The museum is also launching a national fundraising campaign. The National Collection Fund's  Louise Poirier, Councillor for the City of Gatineau, and Jim Orban, Publisher of the Ottawa Citizen, will be co-chairs of the campaign. They will hold the Civilization Costume Ball Gala in September. All profits will go to the fund, which will support the acquisition of artifacts.

The Canadian Museum of Civilization welcomes 1.4 million visitors a year, making it one of most visited museums in the world.


31 July, 2006

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