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29 June, 2005

    The campaign for release of historic census records is finally over! The 1911 Canadian census will be made searchable by the Library and Archives of Canada as soon as possible.

    "It is absolutely wonderful," said Senator Lorna Milne (Liberal-Brampton) as she celebrated the passing of Bill S-18 (An Act to Amend the Statistics Act) to allow for the release of historic census records.

    In 1998, Statistics Canada raised concerns about the legality of the release of the historic census records. This led to seven years of investigation, analysis, debate, and discussion over how to permit the use of historic census records in Canada.

    It is expected that the 1911 census that was taken 94 years ago will be released in due time.

    "It is my understanding that the Library and Archives of Canada is working as quickly as possible to put this online," said Senator Milne.

    Gordon Watts <gordon_watts@telus.net>, the Canadian who has followed the House of Commons and Senate of Canada grapple with this problem, published his article on June 28 and called it "Victory".

    He further goes on to say that "today there is cause for a great deal of cheering and celebrating. As I write this I imagine I can hear that a cheering taking place from coast to coast to coast in Canada, and other countries where descendants of Canadians ancestors have been seeking across to our census records."

    You will be notified as soon as the census is released.

01 July 2005 - UPDATE!

We have just received notice from the Library and Archives of Canada that the following has been adopted as their official stance on the release of the 1911 Census:

"The Library and Archives of Canada has now received the official transfer of the 1911 Census records from Statistics Canada. A number of standard policies and procedures need to be followed before the product is launched. We are working very hard to release this information to researchers and the general public has quickly as possible. We hope to do this by early August."


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