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"Canadian Connections" is a regular column about Canadian genealogy published at the website. There have been columns since September, 2002, so please take some time and read through them all.

December, 2005

Best Top Ten Canadian Websites

For the second year, Canadian Connections author E.B. Lapointe has picked 10 top Canadian websites for the year 2005. 
This year, she has included newsletters as well as websites.

November, 2005

The Year of the Veteran

2005 marks the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe and Asia, and has been declared the "Year of the Veteran" in Canada.

October, 2005

Canadian Parliament Amends Marriage Act

Canada is the fourth country to pronounce same-sex marriage legal, behind the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain.

September, 2005

Marriage Bonds in Upper and Lower Canada

Canada Genealogy Centre has published the databases of marriage bonds for Upper Canada and Lower Canada.

February, 2005

Ottawa Celebrates 150 Years!

Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, kicked off a year of celebrations with the ringing of its church bells on New Year's Day, 01 January, 2005.

January, 2005

Government Exposes Ontario Cemeteries

Cemeteries - the places where we bury our dead - are a vital research tool in the world of genealogy. Burial grounds are a place where we can discover the names of the deceased, the date they were born, and the day they died.

December, 2004

Top Ten Events in Canadian Genealogy

A number of websites came online, and those already online expanded their databases and holdings.

November, 2004

Canada Remembers

On Remembrance Day, a national ceremony is conducted at the National War Memorial in Ottawa.

October, 2004

Canadians "Out West"

A ship called the Mary Jane carried nineteen young men caught up in the excitement over the California Gold Rush.

September, 2004

Maritimers in the "Boston States"

From the late 1800s to the early 1900s, many members from both of my father's and mother's families went to the Boston States to look for work.

August, 2004

Canadians in the New England States

In July of 1987, as we drove towards Quebec (from Nova Scotia) on Highway 201 in Maine—through Moose River, Jackman, Skowhegan, and Madison—we didn't realize that we were travelling on an old road called the "Canada Road."

July, 2004

Italian-Canadian Heritage

This is the first major national exhibition to present the day-to-day lives and diversity of Italian-Canadians.

June, 2004

France-Canada 1604-2004

The genealogy part of the database will be called the Research Program on French Emigration to Nouvelle-France, or the PREFEN Project.

May, 2004

The Irish in Canada

Some of the best websites for Irish resources.

April, 2004

Finding Your Jewish Ancestor in Canada

The first Jewish settlers arrived in 1760, and there, in 1768, established the first synagogue in Canada. Today, nearly 100,000 Jewish people live in Montreal.

March, 2004

Researching Aboriginal Ancestry

In February of this year, the Canadian Genealogy Centre published a guide for researching aboriginal ancestors in the Library and Archives of Canada.

February, 2004

Black Loyalists to Nova Scotia

Lord Dunmore, the Royal Governor of Virginia, declared that any slave or indentured person was to be given their freedom if they took up arms and joined the British against the Rebels.

January, 2004

Winnipeg's Heritage Goes Virtual

Rey Pagtakhan announced that the federal government's Department of Canadian Heritage will contribute monies towards the set-up of the Heritage Winnipeg Virtual Library/Interactive Guide.  

December, 2003

Home Children

Those children who were sent to Canada and the United States in the 19th and 20th centuries from the United Kingdom

November, 2003

The Forgotten War

A monument to the Canadian Fallen who died during the Korean Conflict was unveiled in Confederation Park in Ottawa.

October, 2003

Finding Your French-Canadian Ancestors

Find new information about a previously known French-Canadian forefather or foremother?
September, 2003

American Loyalists in Canada

Approximately 40,000 fled to Canada and formed the basis of the English-speaking society in the country.
August, 2003

The Acadian Diaspora

In 1755, some 8,000 Acadians were expelled from their land because they would not sign a declaration of loyalty to the new British government in the colony.
July, 2003

The Acadians of Atlantic Canada

The 400th anniversary of French settlement in Atlantic Canada will take place in 2004.
June, 2003

Prime Minister Announces Canada History Centre

The centre has, as its mandate, the preservation of Canada's political and civic history.
May, 2003

National Library of Canada and National Archives of Canada to Merge

The newly created agency will make greater use of 21st century technologies to reach Canadians.
April, 2003

Canadian Genealogy Centre Opens

The Canadian Genealogy Centre of the Library and Archives of Canada had its official opening on 29 March, 2003
March, 2003

Canadian Land Records

Many records have been microfilmed and are available through inter-institutional loan.
February, 2003

Canadian Church Records

Church records have been made public on a very inconsistent basis in Canada.
Extra! Extra!

1906 Canadian Census Released Today

This census is so important because it has documented the migration of thousands of European immigrants.

January, 2003

Civil Registrations - Part II

Civil registrations are those events in life such as births, marriages, and deaths (BMDs) which are required to be registered with the government.
December, 2002

Civil Registrations - Part I

Civil registrations are those events in life such as births, marriages, and deaths (BMDs) which are required to be registered with the government.
November, 2002

Canadian Cemeteries

Started by various genealogical societies across the country as one of their special projects, the societies have continuously encouraged their members to transcribe all the cemeteries in their area.
October, 2002

Canadian Census Records To Research

Census-taking was done sporadically in the following years in different parts of the country. It was not until the first national census was done in 1871, that a standard procedure was initiated.
September, 2002

So Where is My Canadian Ancestor, Eh?

The country has played a bit of a 'catch-up' game since then with its records, and only over the past few years has the country's genealogy societies deemed it necessary to index the census returns.

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