Halifax Bearer Corps, 1898
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Dianne Meyers is researching the Halifax Bearer Corps, which was started in c1898 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Her interest in the subject started when an aunt of hers mentioned the subject at Christmas time, and she eventually put a scrapbook together for her. But her interest lingered, and now she is interested in four men who enlisted to go to South Africa in October, 1899 - the Boer War, or as it sometimes called, the South African War. (The South African War ended on May 31, 1902. This year is the 104th anniversary.)

She has found the following details about them, ansd she hopes that any of the people who may know of these men might have more information. Her name is Dianne Meyers, and she is at <dinah@ca.inter.net>.

The four men are -

1. Charles R. Hancock - He was the son of Edwin Hancock, an oil dealer, who lived on Quinpool Road, in Halifax. The last Halifax City Directory in which he appears is 1924.
    He was a commercial traveller for drug companies, and had returned from South Africa in August, 1900, but he is not listened in the 1901 Halifax census.

2. John F. L. Roue - He was the son of James Roue, who owned a carbonated beverage business. He is listed in the Halifax City Directory up until 1936, was a clerk of the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission, and lived at 84 Spring Garden Road.
    His wife was Mary B., who died in 1969, and he had a son, John E., who was a electrical engineer with Imperial Oil in Dartmouth in 1940.
    He is included in the 1901 census.

3. Charles Favell Pooley - He was born in Manchester, England, and was a commercial traveler. He is listed in the Halifax City Directory for the years 1904, 1906, 1906, 1929, and 1931.
    He enlisted in the CEF in 1916 in Montreal, although he gave Kent Street, Halifax as his address.
    He was discharged from South Africa in November, 1900 and returned to South Africa in 1902.

4. Hardy W. Ackhurst - He was in the South African War and died in Camp Hill Hospital in 1959. He was a cousin of  Dianne's grandmother.
    He went to Boston but returned to Halifax after 1954.

Dianne will be writing an article on these four men, so if there is anything you know about them, please let her know.

29 April, 2006

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