July, 2005 News

(This news feature is now divided into topics of Genealogy, Heritage, and History)

New Feature - Website Pick of the Month!

"Genealogy News"

Oatman Family History
    This website is looking for "Oatmans", and there is a free Internet monthly newsletter edited by Chuck Oatman at <chuckoatman@rogers.com>.
    The page contains information about Johannes Outman, John Outman, George Outman, Daniel Oatman, Samuel
Oatman, Benjamin Oatman, and Issac Oatman, and also refers to the Birdsall family tree and the Swinn home page.
    The website is <http://ca.geocities.com/chuckoatman@rogers.com/oatman.html>.

Tighsolas/Nicholson Family Letters of Richmond, Quebec 1908-1913
    Read the letters of this family who lived in Richmond from 1908 to 1913.
    As the website says, "for those who love Canadian history ... These letters, penned at such a pivotal time in history, will be something of a revelation."
    Letters from each of the 6 years are available to be read and there are historical terms and the Tighsolas/Nicholson family saga.     
    The website is <http://www.tighsolas.ca>.

Kelowna, British Columbia Celebrates Centennial
    "Marking Our Past" is a city project in which the city is installing 100 markers of 700 unmarked graves of the Pioneer Section of the Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery.
    In order to reach the donation limit, people can donate to the Kelowna City Hall, 1435 Water Street, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1J4. Or, if you are interested in giving help with keeping the cementery, please contact Bob Hayes at <bob2@telus.net>.

"Heritage News"

 July 1 - Canada Day!

    Canada celebrates its 138 birthday on July 1st!
    "The theme for the Canada Day noon show will be Canada from East to West, which will focus on the 100th anniversaries of Alberta and Saskatchewan, where their capital cities will each present a free concert called Celebrate Canada Centennial Jam!," said Liza Frulla, Minister of Canadian Heritage.    
    In addition, this is the Year of the Veteran and the country's  capitol region will celebrate with traditional ceremonies, interactive games, exciting demonstratives, folklore dances, traditional crafts, and evening concerts.
    For additional information on Canada Day festivities in Canada's Capital region, contact the National Capital Commission at 1-800-465-1867 or (613) 239-5000, drop by the Canada's Infocentre at 90 Wellington Street across from Parliament Hill in Ottawa, or visit their new official site at <www.canadascapital.gc.ca/canadaday>.
    The day's celebrations ends with Fujifilm Canada Day Fireworks!

July 7 to July 17
    Members of the Museum of Civilization will be in attendance at the Canada Pavilion at the Calgary Stampede to answer question about the <http://www.civilization.ca> website, the Canadian Museum of Civilization, and the Canadian War Museum.
    To find out more about the visit, check the <http://calgarystampede.com>.

May 7, 2005 Onward
    The new Canadian War Museum has received 125,000 visitors since it has opened the first weekend of May (this is the average yearly attendance at the old museum) and is very good news for the museum.
    To visit the museum in person or by the Internet, visit the website at <http://www.warmuseum.ca>.

July 1, 2005
    The National Capital Commission has decided in Ottawa that the small museum that it opened 5 years ago is no longer viable.
    The Canada and the World Pavilion, to showcase Canadian accomplishments, hasn't drawn the number of visitors annually as they thought it would, so it will close on the 16th of October of this year.
    If you wish to visit before it closes, it's located in Rideau Falls Park, right across the street from Rideau Hall, home of the goveror-general, and the location of Rideau Falls.
    The website is

28 May, 2005
    The Veterans Hall of Valour has opened in the old city hall in Carleton Place, Ontario, in May of this year.
    The museum is full of veteran's stories of nearly 1,000 people of soldiers who served as far back as the Boer War, and many more stories are sought through their website

"History News"

July 28, 2005
    This year marks the 250th anniversary of the Great Upheaval - the deportation of Acadians which began September 5, 1755 and continued until 1762.
    "Acadians never abandoned their dreams, their ambitions, or their desire to build a better society. The Great Upheaval is a testimony to their unwavering determination," said Senator Pierette Ringuette, on behalf of Heritage Minister, Liza Frulla.
    The social activities will take place in Grand Pré, Nova Scotia and other communities in Atlantic Canada.
    One such site is that of Grand Pré, Nova Scotia at <http://www.pc.gc.ca/lhn-nhs/ns/grandpre/index_e.asp>.

June 1, 2005
    Steve Fossett, with a co-pilot, will cross the Atlantic from St. John's, Newfoundland to Ireland this summer. He will re-do the flight of John Alcock and Arthur Whitten-Brown, the two aviators who flew the Vickers Vimy bomber 86 years ago. They stopped in Ottawa at the National Aviation Museum before taking off for Newfoundland.
    If you are in Ottawa, look at the weather vane on the Confederation Building  and you will see a copy of Alcock and Brown's plane there. Lindberg did not fly across the  Atlantic until 8 years later. He also came and visited Ottawa a few years later, and there is a street named after him on the Ottawa Flying Club.
   Visit their website and you can follow their fight through it at 

Website Pick of the Month!

   The Canadian Library Genie

     The Canadian Library Genie now has a blog on helping genealogists find out more about Canadian genealogical by simply logging on <http://www.canadianlibgenie.blogspot.com>.
    So far, Librarians Helping Canadian Genealogists Climb Family Trees  has covered the Canadian Genealogical Centre, Field of Stones & the Ships List Updates, Global Genealogical: A Little Closer to Home, St. Alban's List: U.S. Ports of  Entry in Canada, Database of Canadians Who Served in the American Civil War, Some Canadian Cementary Postings and the latest posting, Researching Canada's Home Children.
    A lot more will be posted in the months ahead so keep ahead on Canadian postings on the web.

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