Library and Archives of Canada Releases 1851 Census
EB Lapointe

The 1851 Census of Canada covers the colonies of Canada East (present-day province of Quebec), Canada West (present-day province of Ontario), New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. It represented the four political divisions of Canada at that time - 16 years before Canada became a country (Canada would become a county in 1867 with these four provinces, along with the addition of Prince Edward Island).

The website points out the fact that the researcher is to search by geographic location only. This is not a nominally-indexed database, meaning that it is not searchable by family name.

The database consists of Name of Province or Colony; District Name; District Number; Sub-District Name or Description; Sub-District Number; Reference Number; and Microfilm Reel Number.

To provide assistance with the geographical location, a list is given at the website, showing the Census District and the Sub-District.

The researcher can also use the microfilm number to order the correct film from the archives.

As the website says, "The information can be used to prepare family histories, the history of towns and villages, research immigration trends and a great deal more."

The census is at <>.

03 September, 2006

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