March, 2004 News

31 March-04 April "Canada's Air Force @ Eighty"
   Canada's Air Force is 80 years old and celebrating this anniversary in Ottawa this year!
   They are hosting an historical symposium at the Library and Archives of Canada sponsored by the Canadian Aviation Historical Society and the Office of Air Force Heritage and History.
    In addition to the symposium there will be a book fair, conference work shops, reception and banquet at the historic RCAF Officer's Mess in Ottawa as well as a tour of Canada's Aviation Museum.
    For details, please refer to <>

17 March, 2004 Canada Celebrates St. Patrick's Day!
Check the website for events in your area as well as societies and organizations who can be helpful if you are tracing your Irish roots.

15 March, 2004 Aboriginal Research
Be sure to watch for the article on Aboriginal Research on the <> website. Very informative. If you wish to read all the articles written for the website by E.B. Lapointe, click on <>

09 March, 2004 Commonwealth Day in Canada
In 1973, the National Council in Canada of the Royal Commonwealth Society in a letter to Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau suggested the idea of Commonwealth day to be observed through the Commonwealth.
    Since Canada is a member of this one billion society, the country observes this day as the "creation of a harmonious global environment."
    "Building a Commonwealth of Freedom" is the theme of Commonwealth Day which can be seen on the website <>

08 March, 2004 International Day of the Woman
The Status of Women (Canada) is once again helping to celebrate the International Day of the Woman in Canada.
    On their website <> there are lists of events across the country and other items of interest.
    Established by the United Nations in 1977, the theme this year is "She's On A Role!"
    The day "encourages Canadian to take a close look at what has been accomplished to promote greater equality and build Canada into a country it is today, as well as celebrating the many women who continue to work towards these goals."

03 March, 2004 The Canadian Museum of Nature
The Canadian Museum of Nature is getting a "Rehabilitation and Renovation".
    Built in 1912, the building on Metcalfe Street in Ottawa was the capital's first museum. It was designed to hold the exhibits of the Genealogical Survey of Canada.
    It was built of heavy sandstone, and the tower over the entry way on Metcalfe Street, became to sink, and the upper levels were taken off.
    Under this renovation, the tower will be replaced with a glass version, some of the exhibits will be renovated, new temperature and humidity controls will be added and the outdoor park will be expanded.
    Click on to <> to see the Renewal of the Canadian Museum of Nature which will begin in the Spring of 2004.

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