November, 2004 News

(This news feature is now divided into topics of Genealogy, Heritage, and History)

New Feature - Website Pick of the Month!

Remembrance Week - 5-11 November, 2004

   November is the month in which Canadians remember their war dead. Remembrance Week begins with many events taking place across the country, culminating with a televised service at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, and other services at local memorials across the country, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.
   As always, Canada remembers its dead through the wearing of the red poppy on the lapel and, this year, has issued the red poppy 25 cent piece, as well as the Victoria Cross Commemorative Stamp.
   Please visit the Canadian War Museum's site at <>, and also the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's website at <> for more on Remembrance Day and what it means to observe it.
   Another link of interest on Remembrance Day for Canadians and Australians, as well as for Americans and their Veterans' Day, can be found at <>.
   Last year, Canada and its Korean Veterans were honoured by the South Koreans for their part in the Korean Conflict. Their story can be found at <>.

"Genealogy News"

01 November, 2004 - "Genealogical Helper" is Coming Back!
    When Everton's "Genealogical Helper" went out of business this summer and its assets were sold to Logan City, Utah, it was thought that this would be the last anyone would hear of the former magazine.
    But Walter Fuller has recently said that the magazine will start again under new management, although the library will stay with, and become part of, the online resource at  Logan City Library once the program is setup.
    Mr. Fuller has stated that the magazine will publish its November/December, 2004 issue, as well as the 11th edition of "The Handybook for Genealogists", which will be published within the next year.
    In his letter to the press, Mr. Fuller did not provide an address or a phone number where they could be reached. The website, <>, does not contain any content.

UPDATE! Post 1901 Census - Petitions
    Gordon Watts writes to say that they have received 2,489 petitions and that he is busy collating them to send to Parliament in Ottawa.
    British Columbia has sent the most petitions with 904, and Ontario is next with 744. New Brunswick has sent the lowest number with 2, and Manitoba has sent only 76 petitions.
    Mr. Watts reminds us that we must keep sending our petitions to him to forward to Parliament so that the members can see that we really need the Post 1901 Canadian Census released to the public!
He can be reached by email at <>.

"Heritage News"

Ottawa to Celebrate 150th Anniversary in 2005
    Canada's capital city, Ottawa, will celebrate the 150th anniversary of its founding in 2005.
    Events (which will be held throughout the year) include a tree planting, a Bytown Market Christmas Celebration to be held in December 2004, and the initiative of proposing that the Ottawa River, which runs alongside of the city, be given the designation of a Heritage Waterway.
    Watch for developing details.

"History News"

01 November, 2004 - Cast Your Vote for the Greatest Canadian!
    The nominations for the Greatest Canadian was revealed Sunday, 17 October, 2004 on the CBC with a two hour countdown hosted by Wendy Mesley. She kicks off a 6-week series, and after each show, viewers are asked to call, send a wireless text message or e-mail their vote for the Greatest Canadian.
    There are prizes to be won and you will automatically be entered in a draw for the Greatest Canadian T-Shirt.
Visit <> to find out more.

01 November, 2004 - Loyalist Vault to be Restored
    The vault of Sir John Johnson, leader of American Loyalists in upper New York and Eastern Canada, will be restored and the bones recovered will be interred in the future.
    A press conference was held at Mont St. Gregorie, Quebec on the 16 April, 2004 where over 800 bone fragments were recovered, indexed and analyzed.
    The site has been declared as a Heritage Site, the first ever in Quebec.
    Phase II of the objective will now begin, and it will include acquiring a deed for the site, insuring a proper right of way, restoring the vault and returning the bones for proper burial.
    Contact the Sir John Johnston Branch of the United Empire Loyalists at the United Empire Loyalists of Canada website at <>.

Website Pick of the Month!

The Canadian Military Heritage Project is November's Website Pick of the Month.

    This website <> has resources for all of the wars in which Canada has fought, on its own soil and overseas, from the French-Indian War (17th century) to the most recent Afghanistan War of 2001, as well as the various peacekeeping missions since the 1950s.
    A very inclusive website, it also gives direction to the different files at the Library and Archives of Canada.

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