November, 2006 News

(This news feature is divided into topics of Genealogy, Heritage, and History)

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  Remembering Our Troops Overseas

        In 1931, Parliament amended the Armistice Day Act, stating that Remembrance Day should be named as such, and be observed on November 11.

    This year, it is especially important to remember and pay homage to the Canadian men and women who are in Afghanistan fighting on behalf of the country of Canada, for the 43 who have lost their lives, and for the hundred or so who have been wounded.

"Genealogy News"

November 5 to 11 - Remembrance Week

    (Ottawa) From November 5th to the 11th, the Government of Canada is pleased to mark Veterans' Week 2006 with events and activities across the country.
    With this year's theme, "Share the Story", Canadians will be more encouraged to learn about Canada's Veterans, to reflect on the service and the sacrifice of any Veterans, and to share their thought on remembrance with their peers and families.
    "I am confident that Veterans' Week 2006 will offer Canadians the chance to meet many of our Veterans, to learn from their stories and to ensure that their remarkable legacy of courage and valour continue to inspire future generations," said the Honourable Greg Thompson, Minister of Veterans Affairs.
    Communities across the country will take part in events to mark Veterans' Week. There will be special candlelight tributes, musical concerts, exhibits, and the Remembrance Day ceremony at the National War Memorial on November 11th.

"Heritage News"

Valiants  Memorial
    Fourteen men and women have been chosen to be honoured for their heroism during five periods of conflict and resolution which marked Canada from the 17th century European colony to a 20th century North American nation.
    The men and women — which are made up of life-sized statues of Joseph Brant, Laura Secord, Lt. Col. Charles-Michel d'Irumberry de Salaberry, Pierre le Moyne d'Iberville, and Gen. Currie — and of life-sized busts of Louis De Buade, Lt. Col. John Butler, Gen. Issac Brock, Georgina Pope, Cpl. Joseph Kaeble, Capt. John Wallace Thomas, Maj. Paul Triquet, Lieut. Hampton Gray and Pilot Officer Andrew Mynarski.
    The memorial was dedicated on November 5th. It is located at Confederation Square on Elgin and Laurier Streets, near the Sappers Staircase.
    The government of Canada said that it was dedicated as part of Remembrance Week the status and busts "that honours the role that military participation had on building our great nation."
    The website <> features biographical information about the men and women.

"History News"

LAC Opens New Research Areas
    The Library and Archives Canada is now open as the research areas on the second and third floors of the building at 395 Wellington St., Ottawa have now been renovated to better serve the public. The Canadian Genealogy Centre will be redone to provide a physical home to it, the microfiche room will be enlarged, and since the archive and library have been combined, they will now be physically combined on the second floor.
    If you wish to call, please phone 613.996.5115 or 1.866.578.7777 (toll-free number in Canada and the United States) or visit them online at <>.

Website Pick of the Month!

Canadian Peacekeeper Websites
    There are two sites this month <> and <> which commemorate those who have served and continue to serve as Canadian Peacekeepers.
    The year 2006 is the 50th year anniversary of the United Nation (UN) Peacekeeping Force, and Canada is the only country who has sent troops since it inception in 1946. The force was a pioneering approach to diffusing conflicts be sending in neutral forces to monitor peace in regions of the world in turmoil. More than 150,000 Canadians have served as Peacekeepers.
    The Suez Canal Crisis in 1956 consisted of a stand-off between Egypt on one side and Israel, Britain, and France on the other. The UN sent peacekeeping forces into Egypt to enforce a ceasefire and oversee the pullout of foreign forces.
    This year recognizes the contributions of the men and women of the Canadian forces who have served around the world in the cause of peace and freedom over the past 50 years.
    The first website gives the peacekeepers stories and their biographies, and the second website has a Roll of Honour and How to Become a Member.
    The Canadian Peacekeeping Veterans Association address is: P.O. Box 905, Kingston, ON K7L 4X8. Tel: 250.478.2881.

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