October, 2004 News

(This news feature is now divided into topics of Genealogy, Heritage, and History)

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"Genealogy News"

Special  Note: Charlottetown is 150 years old next year
    To help the city celebrate its anniversary, "The Old Protestant Burying Ground Committee" (OPBG) is hoping to publish a  book on the burying ground and its history.
    The committee would be  interested in receiving  a page on any family whose ancestors are interred in the OPBG.
    This information should be sent to George Wright at <wrightg@pei.eastlink.ca> or to George Wright, 205 Mt. Edward Road, Charlottetown, PE C1A 5T1
    Submissions should be received no later than 15 November, 2004.

22-24 October, 2004 - 2004 Saskatchewan Genealogy Society (SGS)

    The Moose Jaw Branch of the SGS will hold its annual seminar at the Heritage Inn, 1590 Main Street North, Moose Jaw, SK on the weekend of 22 to the 24 of October.
    Under the title of "Fruit of the Vine", guest speakers will be Dave Obee,  Bill Barry, Dr. Alan Anderson, and Blanche Fleming. There will be a marketplace, and the Interlink Book Store will also be there.
    Complete the registration form and mail to the Moose Jaw Genealogy Society, 2004 Seminar, P.O. Box 2152, Moose Jaw, SK S6H 7T2
    The website is <http://www.rootsweb.com/~skmjbsgs/index.htm>.

14-16 October, 2004 - Bruce and Grey Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society Fall Event
    The Annual Fall Event of the Bruce & Grey Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society will be held on the 3rd weekend in October at the Grey Roots Heritage Centre, County Archives, and on the 16th at the Durham Memorial Arena with guest speaker, Richard M. Doherty.
    There is a $30.00 registration before 10th of October, and $35.00 at the door.
    Mail registration to Kathleen Szakall, P.O. Box 66, Owen Sound, ON N4K 5P1.
    Their website is <http://www.bmts.com/~bgogs/>.

01/02 October, 2004 - Northern New York American-Canadian Genealogical Society's Annual Meeting
    The 22nd annual meeting of the Northern New York American-Canadian Genealogical Society will be held on the weekend of the first and second of October in the 2nd floor conference room of the Keesville Community Centre.
    Key speakers will be Maxine Getty, who will be talking about "A Lady in Mourning - A 19th Century Impression of Life in the Midst of Death," and David Getty, whose topic will be "The Highlinders: 79th Regiment-NYS Militia Volunteers."
    The library is open for research on Sunday, 03 October by request, and the registration is $10.00 US (Single) and $15.00 US (Couple).
    Contact them on this at (518) 563-5709, or e-mail them at <enbotten@northnet.org>. The website is <http://www.nnyacgs.org/Enter/>.

01 October, 2004 - Meeting Place Amended

    As reported in last month's news on 04 September, 2004, the  place of the British Home Children and Descendants Association 2nd Annual Reunion has been changed from the Church Hall of the Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on 148 Evergreen Drive in Truro to the Bible Hill Junior High School on 71 College Road, Truro. Registration time stays the same of between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

01 October, 2004 - Post-1901 Canadian Census Report
    For those who are interested in the progress of the special committee formed to fight the closure of census records past the 1901 federal census release, go to <http://globalgenealogy.com/census/> to read the latest news.
    As parliament prepares to sit in the fall, Gordon Watts is hurrying to get as many petitions as possible into the members of parliament to show how displeased genealogists and historians are around the world that the census is not being released after the usual 92 year embargo.
    If you want to start a petition in your area, contact Gordon at <gordon_watts@telus.net>.

"Heritage News"

01 October, 2004 - ArchivesCanada.ca Tells Canada's Story
    Archives Canada at <http://www.archivescanada.ca> is an official archives portal which introduces people to over 800 repositories across Canada.
    The site features a search engine to archival holdings across Canada, access to provincial and territorial archives and digitized photos of maps, documents, and online exhibits.

01 October, 2004 - Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network (QAHN) News
    The Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network Listserv is now back online after having been offline for a while.
    Since the e-mail was automatically sent to all of those who were originally on the listserv, and if they wish to now be off the listserv, they can simply send an 'unsubscribe' message to the service.
    If you haven't been on the service before and now would like to join, you can get in touch with QAHN at <http://www.qahn.org>.

"History News"

Special Note: October is Women's History Month in Canada
    This year's theme is "Yes, Women are Persons!", in commemoration of an event which took place 75 years ago when five women from Canada took their case of women not being allowed in the Senate of Canada to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London, England, which, at that time, was the highest Court of Appeals for Canada. It was there that both men and women were declared "persons."
    October was designated as Women's History Month in Canada in 1992 by the Government of Canada. Please go to <http://www.swc-cfc.gc.ca/dates/whm/index_e.html> to see a list of events, products, and information on Women's History Month.
    Also, the Famous 5 Foundation website at <http://www.famous5.org> has a depiction of the statue of the five women as they sit on Parliament Hill. The Library and Archives of Canada has a virtual exhibition of the "Famous Five" on its website at <http://www.collectionscanada.ca/05/0530/053001_e.html> in which "The 'Persons' Case of  1927-1929", "Correspondence and the Official Documents" are displayed, and where "Suggested Reading" and "The Impact of the Case" are discusse

    The five women were: Emily Murphy, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Nellie McLung, Louise Mckinney, and Irene Parlby.

 15-16 October, 2004 Conference of Women's History Network of  British Columbia
    "Exploring Ideas About Home and Place in B.C. Women's History" is the theme of  the 2004 conference to be held at the  Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney, British Columbia. Please go to the  website at <
http://www.members.shaw.ca/whnbc> to register.
    "Women of the Tynemouth" - Women sent to Victoria in 1862 to "tame" the West is the theme of one of the speeches at the event, as well as "Woman's Work in British Columbia's Company Towns."
    A panel discussion on "Getting Our Words Out", a how-to on writing women's history for publication, will be held.
     For information, please write to <whnbc@shaw.ca>.

16 October, 2004 - Two Solitudes: French/English Perspectives of Quebec History
    A Fall Workshop on the Quebec History, especially the 1837-1838 Rebellions, the evolution of Responsible Government and the birth of Confederation will be held on 16 October, 2004 at College Maisonneuve in Montreal.
    For information, contact QAHN at (819) 564-9595 or toll-free in Quebec 1-877-964-0409. Their website is <

01 October, 2004 - Researcher Looking For Mount Sinai Sanatorium Material
    Valerie Minnett, a researcher, is looking for material such as photographs, diaries, letters, objects, and memorabilia from the Mount Sinai Sanatoruim to be sent to her as part of a history of tuberculosis in Montreal and the Laurentians.
    You may contact her at <valerie.minnett@mail.mcgill.ca> or call her at (514) 807-5851.

Website Pick of the Month!

<AutomatedGenealogy.com> is October's Website Pick of the Month.
    The website produces a free, online index to the 1901 Census of Canada and the 1906 Census of the Northwest Provinces.
    Over 80% of the census has been indexed, and over 2,000,000 lines have been transcribed from the original census. Both the provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have been completed.
    There is a National Surname Index onsite, and once the search is complete, you will be presented with the surname and given names of the person, their age, the province in which they lived, when the census was taken, the district, the subsdistrict, the subdistrict number, the page, and the line in the census on which their name appears.
    One can then access the online Canadian Genealogy Centre at <http://www.genealogy.gc.ca/> and click "Databases" and find read their instructions on the 1901 Canadian Census on how to order the microfilm of the district you wish to locate.    

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