October, 2006 News

(This news feature is divided into topics of Genealogy, Heritage, and History)

Bonus Feature - Website Pick of the Month!

  October 9th - Canadian Thanksgiving

        Since 1931, the second Monday in each October is Canada's Thanksgiving.
        Proclaimed in 1957 as a permanent holiday, it celebrates its golden anniversary next year as the first official holiday of fall.

"Genealogy News"

Nanaimo Family History Society Indexes Passenger Records
    A news article at ---  which explores how the society is transcribing the Library and Archives Canada passenger lists.

The Drouin Collection of Quebec Parish Records
- (News Story)
is a news article at ---- and it explains the record and how it is accessible.

Alberta Puts Homestead Files Online
- (News Story)
is a news article and can be found at ---. The article explains what Homestead Files are and how to use them.

Ancestry.ca Unveils Every-Name Census - (News Story)
at ----. The article explains what the every-name census is and how to use it.

June Coxon's "The Doll Hospital"

     A fellow Ottawa writer, June Coxon, has written stories about her mother, Lucy Larman, in an article "The Doll Hospital", for her nieces and nephews.
    Since October is
Women's History Month, you can now read one of her stories at <http://www.scriptorium.ca/Doll_Hospital.htm>.

"Heritage News"

National Family History Week
    National History Week was first celebrated in 1985 and it has always been held a week before Thanksgiving, a time for family togetherness.
    This year, National Family Week takes place from October 2 to the 8th, 2006 and the theme is Nourishing the Family Tree.
    Go to their website at <http://www.familyservicecanada.org/nfw/2006/index_e.html> for special events in your neighbourhood.

Citizenship Week
    Canada's Citizenship Week is celebrated each October from the 16th to the 22nd.
    The website says that "this is an opportunity to recognize the value of citizenship and immigration. During this week, we focus on the privileges. Rights and responsibilities of citizenship."
    There are 150,000 Cadaians who are granted citizenship each year in ceremonies all across the country. To see the events in your city, go to <http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/citizen/celebrate.html>.
    After January 1, 1936, records of immigrants are held by Citizenship and Immigration.
    To request a copy of another person's immigration record, you must mail your request to: Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Public Rights Administration, 360 Laurier Avenue West, 10th floor, Ottawa, ON K1A 1L1

"History News"

South African War Begins
    The South African or Boer War lasted from 1899 to 1902 and "marked Canada's first official dispatch of troops to an overseas war."
    The Canadian War Museum has a excellent site at <http://www.civilization.ca/cwm/boer/boerwarhistory_e.html>.
    On the site, the have the units that were sent and the battles they fought. There is the weapons they used, along with their uniforms and equipment.
    There are maps and a special backgrounder on the war entitled "For Queen & Country: Canadians and the South African War."
    Over 7,000 Canadians, including 12 women nurses, served during the war.
    Over 267 were killed, and are listed in the Book of Remembrance at  <http://www.vac-acc.gc.ca>.

Website Pick of the Month!

Canada Death Penalty Index
    This website <members.shaw.ca/canada_legal_history/index.htm> list all the executions that Canada has had from 1867 until the law was rescinded in 1962. Plus, there are executions which took place before Canada was a country and, so far, 836 name have been added.
    There is a provincial and alphabetical index with the names listed of the person executed, the years in which they were executed, and the province in which it took place.
    There is also a page of what the webpage says "What is completed. What we are working on. What we are looking for." The page contains each of the provinces and territories of Canada and the need for help in naming more people who were executed over the years. For example, in Ontario, the names for 1790 and 1933 are entered, but they are looking for names prior to July, 1867.
    You may contact them at <canada_executions@excite.com>.

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