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Le Bibliotheque et Archives nationales du Québec has released the Lovell Directories of Montreal and it's suburbs (1842-1999). They are now online at <>.

The first directory was in 1819, but in 1842, the Montreal Directory was launched and was taken over by John Lovell, whose family-operated business still publishes it today. At first, the directories were printed in English, but they became bilingual (English/French) in 1935.

This collection is invaluable to anyone who had ancestors in Montreal and its suburbs. They are not searchable by name, but if you have a particular date, you can find the exact page.

They are divided into three sections - a list of residents, in alphabetical order; a list of professionals and tradesmen, into such categories as bookbinders, carpenters, and doctors; and a list a various institutions, such as backs, post offices, and schools.

To the categories were added, in 1864, the residents by street name, and civic addresses. In some directories are also maps of the city.

All images are from the directories themselves. People who speak only English should not have any difficulty in navigating the directories.

In 1842, the directory contained 2, 625 names. In 1990, it contained more than 1 million names.

03 September, 2006

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